RhetNetFebruary 1995

Unpredictable emerging forms

Fred Kemp

I agree with Eric that creating an ever-expanding meta-document of multiple links using html is doable and reasonable, in a sort of unreasonable way. And fascinating. I see no way of asserting a "standard" since what I think Eric wants (and Victor) is hardly standard in any sense. Hence we cannot anticipate what is going to emerge and cannot predict how tinkering with it at the outset is going to affect what comes out at the other end. If the system of lexia that I think we are talking about is indeed going to be self-structuring (and I think it will), then it must be allowed to be self-structuring, and we must have the courage to put effort (some people will put in more effort, of course) without specific expectations.

Risky business, this. Goes with the electronic territory, I think.

Date:         Wed, 1 Feb 1995 13:43:44 -0600
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