Re: Don't give me words, lasting through time, give me no rhyme, show me!

Ed Lotto (eel2@Lehigh.EDU)
Thu, 27 Mar 1997 08:18:46 -0600


Surely the last presenter in the session you mention was doing something very
different from the that done by the first two. And I guess I would suggestt
here is room for both. And I would add that I find the work of the first two
presenters more useful for understanding the complex situation in which
African Americans find themselves right now.

Of course, it is fair to problematize problematize. As I understand its
history it goes back to Paolo Freire who worked with the poor of Brazil. It
was an attempt to understand the ways in which normalized cultural beliefs
keep people from seeing the vastly uneven distribution of wealth. It is a
concept we need to work against the vastly uneven distribution of wealth we
find in country today. Just how did that happen over the last 20 years?

Ed Lotto



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