Re: to read or not to read...

Cynthia Haynes (
Mon, 24 Mar 1997 14:10:23 -0600

Jeanne writes (among other things):

>I can try to be consistent, to consider my rhetorical options carefully
>and then to implement them. Beyond that.... If you were asked, what
>sort of person goes to 4C's sessions, what would your answer be?

Jeanne...thanks for reminding us of the complex matrix of motives and
actions that circulate at conferences like CCCC. In some respects, this
debate about readability and comprehensibility should also include
'sensibilities' (and I would like the dual meanings of that word to sensible and sensitive). What steps on one person's
sensibilities doesn't step on another's...what is sensible to one is not
to another. Thank goodness for rhetorical options :) As for your
question...maybe we need to ask what sortS of people go to 4C's sessions?


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