Re: Epublishing and tenure

Michael J. Salvo (
Thu, 26 Sep 1996 15:53:11 -0600

thanks for the reference, pete. this epublishing/tenure topic is an
incredibly complex issue that i've been working with for a while, crossing
over boundaries (either quixotically or nomadically, i haven't decided
which) and, i'm sure, stepping on toes and trespassing onto other folks'

i'm curious to know if, in response to and hopefully adding important voices
to, there is enough interest in this topic among folks on this list (and
anywhere else online) to create a _Kairos_ CoverWeb on the place of
Electronic Publishing in the academy. i think our entire staff would love
to work with the issue, and as an academic electronic journal, it concerns
the staff, the editorial board, and all the authors -- and out readers.

we've got a number of projects underway, and we'll be sending out calls for
hypertexts soon (this and next week probably) -- but before we set out plans
for the next year, how much interest is there in presenting a variety of
views of this question *on-line* and *in native hypertext*? i'm thinking we
should find folks, print-based and digitally-based, who think digi-zines are
the savior of intellectually charged writing, those who think on-line means
out-of-their-mind and everything in betwen and off the scale.

i'm betting there's a lot of interest ... but i'm really very interested in
hearing responses -- send me a message off-line if you want to agree or
disagree, or volunteer to write, but discussion is better left on-list.


At 08:03 AM 9/26/96 -0500, Peter Sands wrote:
>Anyone interested in electronic publishing probably ought to look at
>Moxley, Joseph, and Lagretta T. Lenker, eds. _The Politics and
>Processes of Scholarship_ (Westport, CT: Greenwood, 1995). Part II
>(pages 77-152) is titled "Scholarship in the Late Age of Print," and
>has several thought-provoking articles on electronic scholarship... At
>any rate, Moxley (University of South Florida) is the guy to speak
>with, and he responds quickly to e-mail.