Volume 3, Issue 1
Fall, 1981, 61pages

Special topic: Speaking and Writing

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Patti Stock, "Talk to Text," p. 4
Wallace L. Chafe, "Speakers and Writers Do Different Things," pp. 5-6
Penelope Eckert, "Hedging the Standard English Bet," pp. 7-8
Winifred Bryan Horner, "Speech-Act Theory and Writing," pp. 9-10
Barry M. Kroll, "Speaking-Writing Relationships in the Growth of Writing Abilities," pp. 11-12
Robin Tolmach Lakoff, "Literacy in a Non-Literate Age," pp. 13-14
Nancy Martin, "Contexts for Writing," pp.15, 58
Walter J. Ong, S. J., "Literacy and Orality in Our Times," pp. 16-19
Deborah Tannen, "Two Kinds of Knowing in Spoken and Written Language," pp. 20-21
Barbara Couture, "Research on Speech and Writing and the Composition Class," pp. 22-25
Barbara Couture and Patricia Stock , "A Select Bibliography," pp. 26-28
Richard W. Bailey, "Litigation and Literacy: The Black English Case," pp. 29-30
Lee H. Hansen, "The Black English Lawsuit in Retrospect: A Participant's Postscript," pp. 31-33
John D. Reiff and James E. Middleton, "A Model for Designing and Revising Assignments," pp. 34-36
Barbra Morris, "Write Write," pp. 37-38
Robert Root, "Resources in the Teaching of Composition," pp. 39-40