Volume 1, Issue 2
Winter, 1980, 32 pages

Special topic: The classical tradition

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Pages 25-40

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Edward P. J. Corbett, "My Work in Rhetoric," pp. 27-28, 55
Sheridan Baker, "Writing as Learning," pp. 29, 55
John Warriner, "The Rite-Aid Spiral Theme Notebook," pp. 30-31, 49
Amy J. Devitt; John Grove, "In the Classical Tradition," pp. 32-34, 55
Robert Root, "Select Bibliography ," pp. 35-36
Johanna Kobran; George Keith , "Rhetoric in the Classroom: Some Practical Considerations," pp. 37-39
Arlene Stover, "Too Often Writing Instruction Means Teaching Grammar and Mechanics," pp. 40-41, 51
Catherine E. Lamb, "Using Inductive Standards to Evaluate Arguments," pp 42-43, 52
Stephen Judy, "Reading, Writing, and the Certification of Teachers: MCTE Takes a Stand," pp. 44, 52
Robert Root, "Resources in the Teaching of Composition," pp. 46-47, 51
Dan Fader, "Writing Workshop, June 18, 19, 20, 1979," p. 50
Patti Stock, "Editorial," pp. 50, 56