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Reviewing CCCC 2000: Workshops

Most of the workshops were not well attended. They usually provide useful and effective tools for writing teachers, and even if there was not a large audience response to the fine offerings this year, facilitators, presenters and participants enjoyed each other's ideas in some powerful and educational ways.

Writing Teachers Re-Imagining Writing: A Workshop For Essay Writers (MW.5)

This workshop was chaired by Katie Fischer and included presentations and activity from David Starkey, Michael Spooner, Will Hochman, Laura Julier, Chuck Anderson, Olivea Achibald, Maribeth Fischer, Robert Grunst, Dona Hickey and Jane Wohl. This was a workshop devoted to workshopping essays though some participants also focused on composing essay beginnings. Three interesting "beginnings" emerged and surprisingly, offer a nice context for how we may situate ourselves as writers, readers and teachers.

Imagine A Classroom For The 21st Century: Developing Technology Planning And Grants Documents For Teaching With Computer Technologies In English Studies Disciplines (W.6)

This workshop was led by Traci Gardner and included presentations and discussion by Judy Kirkpatrick, Margaret Barber, Michael Day, Hugh Burns, and Lady Fall Brown. This workshop managed to cover a wide range of realities for professionals seeking to wire their teaching lives. Participants realized that a variety of challenges exist based on institutional concerns and attempted to both customize and generalize a large amount of useful ideas about the ways technology may become learning space.

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