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Summer Institutes at Michigan Tech

Computers in Writing-Intensive Classrooms: A Suite of Summer Institutes for Faculty Interested in Computer Use
June 9-21 and June 17-28, 2002
Michigan Technological University
Houghton, Michigan

These institutes are coordinated by:
Dr. Cynthia Selfe, Michigan Technological University
Dr. Anne Frances Wysocki, Michigan Technological University
Dr. Richard Selfe, Michigan Technological University
Dr. Gail Hawisher, University of Illinois-Urbana-Champaign
Dr. Johndan Johnson-Eilola, Clarkson University

Institute Contents: Four Choices for Professional Development

Electronic Communication Across the Curriculum (CIWIC-ECAC)*New*

CIWIC-ECAC is designed for participants who are primarily interested in integrating communication technologies into the K-12 curriculum. This workshop brings together teachers, administrators, support staff, and 7th-11th grade students to learn and develop critical approaches to using appropriate technologies in the classroom.

Approaches to Integrating Computers into Writing Classrooms (CIWIC-AIC)

In its seventeenth year, CIWIC-AIC provides a space for participants to explore the thoughtful integration of technology in composition classrooms by examining the value of such tools as networks, online course management tools, electronic conferencing, composition software, lab management, and the World Wide Web.

Integrating New Media into Writing Classrooms (CIWIC-NM)

CIWIC-NM participants learn graphics and authoring software for composing multimedia texts. They also use those texts--as well as student and commercially produced multimedia--as grounds for discussing and developing compositional and rhetorical approaches for teaching both the interpretation and the development of new media texts in writing-intensive classrooms.

Individual Projects (CIWIC-IP)

CIWIC-IP is an institute for past CIWIC participants who want to take on a more focused project. Past participants have worked on designing distance-education courses that use email, the World Wide Web, and Instructional Television, and designing a Web-based student publication realm using Perl, JavaScript, and CGI scripting. CIWIC staff provide intense, one-on-one support.

Dates and Facilities

CIWIC-ECAC runs June 9-21, 2002 and is a one-week onsite workshop, followed by a one-week virtual workshop, and year-round online support offered by the ECAC support staff.

CIWIC-AIC, CIWIC-NM, and CIWIC-IP run concurrently for two weeks, June 17-28, 2002, consisting of 10 six-hour days with optional lunch and evening sessions.

All four institutes use a state-of-the-art computer facility, Michigan Tech's Center for Computer-Assisted Language Instruction (CCLI). In addition to attending regularly scheduled sessions, participants have 24-hour access to the lab/classroom for additional explorations and practice. Cynthia Selfe, Anne Wysocki, Richard Selfe, and a team of knowledgeable student consultants provide one-on-one instruction--on both Macintosh and IBM platforms--in developing and using applications suited for participants' own classrooms and Writing/English programs. All participants receive three semester-hours of graduate credit.

Participants need have no previous computer knowledge; individualized instruction will be provided. At the same time, participants who do have extensive experience with computers will find plenty of challenges and room to explore within the framework of the workshop. Participants from all educational levels are encouraged to attend.

Enrollment is filling quickly. Apply early!

For more information or to request a brochure, see or contact Cheryl E. Ball by email at or by phone at 906-487-3272 (office) or 906-487-2582 (CCLI).

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