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Making Connections: May 2002

Dan MelzerDan Melzer, CAC Connections Editor
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A New Connections Editor

My name is Dan Melzer, and I'll be taking over for Donna Reiss as editor of CAC Connections. Donna is stepping down to focus more time on her teaching, but she will continue to make important contributions to Academic.Writing as a member of the editorial board.

I'm a graduate student in the rhetoric and composition program at Florida State University, and I'm working on a dissertation in CAC. I'm excited to continue the good work Donna has done as CAC Connections editor, and I look forward to working with colleagues in CAC. I'd like to thank Donna for her excellent work as Connections editor, and I hope I can continue to meet the high standards she's set. CAC connections will continue to provide information about upcoming conferences, workshops, books, and calls for papers that involve CAC. If you have information you'd like to include in CAC Connections, please contact me.

I'm happy to share information of interest to the CAC community through this column. Check out the following links for information about recent and upcoming conferences, including a translation of a recent review of two European conferences. You'll also find information about upcoming summer institutes and calls for contributions from other journals.

Thanks to Donna Reiss, Jonathan Monroe, Cheryl E. Ball, Sharon Quiroz, Ben Rafoth, and Roy Andrews for sharing information of value to the CAC community.

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Publication Information: Melzer, Dan. (2002). Making Connections: May 2002. Academic.Writing.
Publication Date: May 15, 2002

DOI: 10.37514/AWR-J.2002.3.1.12

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