Introducing WAC Program Descriptions

The idea for a database of WAC program descriptions grew out of some research I was doing a few years ago for "WAC Wired," a chapter in a forthcoming book, WAC for the New Millenium, edited by Sue McLeod, Eric Miraglia, Margot Soven, and Chris Thaiss. Gateways to some current programs appear in The National Network listing published by George Mason University every year and at the WAC Clearinghouse at Colorado State University, now part of Academic.Writing. Recently, I’ve been attending to requests for information about WAC programs when they appear in such forums as WAC-L and WPA-L. When I suggested to editor Mike Palmquist that Academic.Writing would be a good place to gather program descriptions since contributors could update their listings by sending new information and linking to Websites and e-mail addresses for additional information, he concurred.

I invited the three descriptions that initiate this listing, representing a middle-secondary school, a community college, and a university. Their programs are described by their directors: Pamela B. Childers of the McCallie School, Anne M. King of Prince George’s Community College, and Gail E. Hawisher of the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign.

We hope, of course, that other programs will contribute descriptions so that the listing will serve researchers and both new and renewing WAC programs as well as provide opportunities for collaborations. In addition, links to individual programs' websites means that information can be updated there. To view the current program descriptions and to submit a description of your own program, please visit the WAC Programs Page.

CAC Connections November 2000