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Welcome to The WAC Journal, a national peer-reviewed journal on writing across the curriculum. Published by Clemson University, Parlor Press, and the WAC Clearinghouse, The WAC Journal is an annual collection of articles by educators about their WAC ideas and WAC experiences. It is a journal of practical ideas and pertinent theory. We welcome submissions from all WAC scholars.

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Current Issue *

Volume 24, Fall 2013

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Evolutionary Metaphors for Understanding WAC/WID, Laura Brady

Connecting WID and the Writing Center: Tools for Collaboration, Heather M. Robinson and Jonathan Hall

WAC/WID Meets CXC/CID: A Dialog between Writing Studies and Communication Studies, Denise Ann Vrchota and David R. Russell

Multidisciplinarity and the Tablet: A Study of Writing Practices, Jennifer Ahern-Dodson and Denise K. Comer

Committed to WAC: Christopher Thaiss, by Carol Rutz

Conversations in Process: An Observational Report on WAC in China, Martha A. Townsend and Terry Myers Zawacki

Review: Introducing Writing Across the Curriculum into China: Feasibility and Adaptation by Dan Wu, Reviewed by Mya Poe

Notes on Contributors

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* Volumes 1 through 11 of The WAC Journal were published as a campus journal entitled The Plymouth State University Journal on Writing Across the Curriculum. Volume 12 served as a transitional volume, combining articles written by Plymouth State University faculty with scholars from other institutions. Volume 13 served as the first fully national edition of the journal and bears the new title of the journal. Beginning with Volume 23, the WAC Journal moved from Plymouth State University to Clemson University. Learn more ....