[NCTE-TALK:2402] Re: should writing

Sat, 20 Jan 1996 14:57:39 -0500

Karin Evans suggested we all post our professionally-related writings as a
way of reminding us how we target specific audiences and write for special

In answer to Karin Evans' (Purdue) posting, during the past month, I have
written a couple of articles for my Japanese editor (text, vocab,
comprehension questions, discussion questions--all for a publication used in
private English-language schools in Japan and based on timely news articles
with worldwide focus), syllabi for a campus comp class and one for corporate
training in the class I'll teach tonight at a Chicago Loop bank hdq., a
targeted pitch to a prospective client, and a "I'm different; hire me!"
response to an ad agency cold-calling Chicago writers listed in our local
freelance association's directory. Also a query letter to a national
consumer magazine.

Any of us who write extensively on the outside are used to psyching out
audience needs, targeting specific niches, and using specific writing
techniques to get our point across...or the point our clients are trying to

Good supplementary materials for teachers that work in the "real" world and
make you think about improving what you're doing are available (for a fee)
from the American Society for Training and Development (ASTD). I haven't
found an e-mail address, but they're at 1630 Duke St., Box 1443, Alexandria
VA 22213, USA - phone 703-683-8100. They have an association subsection on
technical and skills training that offers many useful tips and booklets on
literacy training (and, specifically, writing training), along with some
research on what works best. Since many U.S. worksites are now
multicultural, (often with ESL workers), I've been borrowing heavily from
their ideas on effective training techniques.

Their Infoline booklet on "Be a Better Writer" is well worth getting.
Other publications discuss "needs analysis" and "task analysis," and
"creating a good learning environment."

Best, jan
remedial comp, Roosevelt University
Chicago suburban campus