[NCTE-TALK:2368] Writing

Tue, 16 Jan 1996 16:37:49 -0600

Hey, I just thought Barbara was giving some good ideas on how to fit writing
into a busy schedule. She wasn't being "holier than thou" or whatever some
of you thought. (Or if she was, I missed it <grin, Barbara>)
Also, I noticed in my messages today a couple of rather questionable
remarks, such as "other Englishy-type people." This kind of comment reminds
me of when I tell people my major and they say "Oh, I better watch my grammar!"
or "I hated English. All we ever did was diagram sentences." I expect such
commentary from others, but certainly not on this list! (Although I have delet
ed the messages and can't recheck them, the comments I am refering to seemed
rather derogatory to me. Maybe I'm just a "rash and hot-blooded youth.") I
hope I mistook the meaning, but if not,I am disappointed.
Well, time to go to my first class of the year! Later! --Shane Marshall