[NCTE-TALK:2308] Re: more on writing

Reinhold Schlieper (schliepr@db.erau.edu)
Sun, 14 Jan 1996 15:57:59 -0600

Barbara, I think that we don't need to admonish anyone on this
list-server that he/she needs to spend more time writing, do we? The
predilection toward writing appears to be ostensively obvious, doesn't it?

Furthermore, I wonder whether ability or disability to write says
anything worthwhile about the writing teacher. After all, we don't
demand of the theatre critic that he or she be proficient in producing
great theatre. In fact, we would consider such an argument an argumentum
ad hominem, and thus fallacious. Didn't Socrates already point out that
all Socrates' students would have been able to discuss poetry better than
the poets themselves? And so the writing teacher need merely be a good,
sensitive critic with a propensity of advice toward improving the writer,
not a writer in his or her own rights.

Thus spake the advocatus diaboli . . . <grin>

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