[NCTE-TALK:2284] Re: should writing teachers write?

Fri, 12 Jan 1996 19:25:44 -0600

A good response to, "Those who can, do. Those who can't, teach," is the
message I received once on a coffee mug..."Those who can, teach. Those
who can't go into some less significant line of work."

How about some ideas about how teachers can find that extra time we need
to do our own writing? My approach has been to write *when* my students
write. I usually open the class with a writing prompt pertaining to that
day's lesson. Then,I try to use the student's responses as springboards
into the day's discussion. Students are always interested in hearing my
take on the topic, though I try to hold my own writing til last so as not
to color their responses or stifle their discussion. It's not the great
American novel or a published teaching text, but my writing encourages my
students to write and it only takes a few minutes. Plus, if you have
several classes doing the same thing, you can write for the first class,
then use the response over again in the next class.
Other ideas?

Sherry Godsey