Re: The Main Problem
Mon, 23 Oct 1995 10:04:28 -0500

Fred -- I wish I knew the context of your post. Then I'd know whether or
not I agree completely with you.

Part of the problem revolves around the type of writing I do, which is
writing either for a client or to a set of government specifications. In
this case, my "creativity" is precisely defined by what I call "limiters."
such things as time, money, technology availablt, document size, etc. etc.

Yet I refuse to believe that the writing I do is less legitimate than that
which reaches out and grabs you by the heart.

I had a colleague who taught that you couldn't write unless you were passionate
about what you wrote. I teach that you should be able to write even when
you haven't much interest in your subject matter.

Perhaps it's the humanist/technician split raising its head again.

Ron Shook