Re: Main Problem

timothy janda (
Mon, 23 Oct 1995 09:55:23 -0500

One of the best ways to be right and wrong at the same time is by
being right. Which is to say, there are as many reasons for teaching
writing (and methods for doing so) as there are reasons for students
to learn how to write.

I work exclusively with international students, both graduates and
undergraduates, many of whom come from Asia, So. America, and the
Middle East, who are here to study international business, food
sciences and the like. They've got to get through their programs and
as such their struggles to write meaningful prose certainly cause
them to be emotional about their writing (since that seems to be our
measure), but, of course, in their case, this results from their
attempts to conform to the rules (as opposed to creatively bending or
breaking them) and get their dissertations and lab reports done.

This, just a thought meant to add but a bit more perspective to a thread
which I find very elitist and ethnocentric from a blue-collar teacher
who works here, in the warehouse district of a university, where no
full-time positions exist, with students whose very survival (both
literally, figuratively, and academically) most often depends on their
ability to conform to the rules; and certainly they don't have the luxury
nor can they afford to indulge themselves in personal tirades, rather,
they must keep themselves in check and avoid them at all costs.