Re: The Main Problem

Eric Crump (
Sun, 22 Oct 1995 21:47:07 -0500


Nice rant! (It's an underappreciated form, IMHO.)

I'm glad you remind us all that many (probably most) teachers do not have
the luxury of time necessary to produce publishable writing (if by
publishable we mean 'in print' and in respectable academic journals).

My sister teaches in a high school, so I get regularly reports from a
front similar to yours. My blood pressure usually goes up about 50 points
after hearing tales of regulation and bureaucratic meddling that make
universities look positively liberatory.

Reforming meddlesome bureaucracies is a big job. Meantime, an option
occurs to me: write with your students.

This, in fact, might be better for the pedagogy (not to mention the soul)
than writing articles for hoity toity academic journals.

--Eric Crump (who is trying, as we speak, to practice what he preacheth)