Re: The Main Problem

John McLaughlin (
Sun, 22 Oct 1995 19:11:37 -0500

I dunno, I sorta thought *most* of the people who volunteer to get into
CAI are a bit... different. Off the wall. Unlike those frowsty old
teachers who spellcheck everything before they let anybody see it, know
what I mean?

But, hey, Fred, if it makes you feel better to vent, go for it. You rant
good, like a good prof should.

I confess to not being as acute as Chaucer. Damn. I got found out. And I
sneak any Elmore Leonard off the supermarket shelf as soon as it appears.
And I admit, sometimes I fell as if I pay for my lit classes with my comp
classes. I'm an imperfect guy. I *think* I do a trade-off on grading
kids' papers, but who knows, maybe I do cut people a break when they make
it easy on my tired eyes to follow what they're saying. I don't think I'm
asking for Proust, but you never can tell.

And as my old editor at Audio magazine used to say, "Don't think for a
minute they're buying this magazine for your folk music reviews, John --
they're buying it for the stereo ads." Still, I did get a check now and
then from him, because I amused him, and when I turned it over, it said on
the back, "Acceptance of this check implies surrender of all copyrights."
So I did, and the beer was good.

Gotta go -- either grade papers, or watch a ball game. You call.

Heads. Sorry kids.

Life off-screen.