Re: ranting for anarchy

Michael Hamende (HamendeM@CTS.DB.ERAU.EDU)
Wed, 14 Aug 1996 16:32:59 EST

"But I'm not gonna argue that we ditch credentialing. I would argue
that there are better ways to perform that function, and one way is to
put it in the background where it belongs. Grades and credentials are
just little markers we place along the way just to say 'I've been
here.' We get into real trouble when we make the markers our
destinations. That's a journey to nowhere."

But Eric, might there be some people who are unwilling to "jump
through hoops", but might make fine teachers? Does certification
prove anything? Might it not be something we should do away with,
since it doesn't seem to do any good and just might be harmful?

"You all think I'm being a cream puff? Heh. This stuff ain't easy.
It's easier to whip people or reward them with grades to get them to
perform the right tricks. Helping them learn is complex, messy,
difficult to document in a meaningful way."

You're right here and with the rest of your post about grading. I
like it, its nice.

Mike Hamende