Re: The school game

Darlene Sybert (c557506@SHOWME.MISSOURI.EDU)
Wed, 14 Aug 1996 11:04:01 -0500

Darlene Sybert wrote:>
> "Wouldn't there always be a majority that would rather do something
> else than write three drafts of an essay? . . .What would motivate
> a student to do that instead of playing with his new college
> friends?"

Steve Finley wrote:>
> And we're back to the question of whether students, children, adults,
> whoever, can always know what is the best, least destructive, etc.,
> thing for them to do. Put another way: Anything a student
> doesn't want to do is something that wouldn't be good for her to do.
> Anybody wanna defend that proposition? (Oh, cut it out, Eric.)
See, you aren't taking me seriously. Changing the entire "validation"
method of an education system is a serious undertaking and not the place
for larking about or talking pie-in-the-sky (although any kind of pie now
that I mention it, is a good idea! Yea, Pie!)

Anyway, I know some of you don't do much with grades in your classes, so
what do you do instead and do students learn?

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