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Rhetnt-l@mizzou1.missouri.edu is an open discussion list which serves as a means of disseminating RhetNet information and texts, but it is also a forum for discussing the specific shape of the journal and issues surrounding electronic publication in general. To subscribe:

Send email to
Leave the subject line blank
In the first line of the note put:

subscribe rhetnt-l Yourfirstname Yourlastname

[Note: The listname has no second 'e' as you might expect.]

If you have trouble subscribing,
write to Eric Crump
and ask for help. He will.


RhetNet used to have some space at Hypertext Hotel, thanks to the kindness of Tom Meyer, archwizard. We had hoped to use space on the MOO to explore the rhetorical possibilities for converging hypertext and realtime discussion. We haven't done much there, and HotelMOO seems to be undergoing some changes so it may not be the right site any more, but the potential is screaming to be tapped. Perhaps we'll find another MOO soon and give it another go.

RhetNet Gopher

Bowling Green's English Department agreed early on to let RhetNet have space on its gopher server. The RhetNet subdirectory has been maintained by Steven Krause and John Clark. However, we've never really managed to make good use of that space. If anybody has ideas, please let us know! (wleric@showme.missouri.edu) Files there currently include:

  • About RhetNet Archive (Readme File, updated October 94) [file]
  • Composition Program (U. of CA, Irvine) [link]
  • Essay: The Rhetorical Nature of Academic Research Funding [file]
  • Gender Original [file: unedited MBU-L discussion thread]
  • How to get to the 'Web with 'telnet' [file]
  • Usage guidelines for RHETNT-L [file]
  • Writing Center Consultation Project (Roane State CC, U. of AK-Little Rock) [link]

(web site for a list devoted to new e-journal announcements)

(web site for a discussion list devoted exclusively to electronic journals)

(links to directories of e-journals)



(a journal for teachers of writing in webbed environments)

Computers & Composition
(an international journal for composition teachers)

The Public-Access Computer Systems Review


(the electronic journal for computer writing, rhetoric and literature)

The Netizens and the Wonderful World of the Net
(an anthology)

Computer-Mediated Communication Magazine

Journal of Advanced Composition

InterFace Magazine

Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication

City of Bits

The Utne Lens


The Internet and the Anti-net: Two public internetworks are better than one
Nick Arnett

Mendicant Sysops in CyberSpace
Nick Arnett

On the Future of Journals: Digital Publishing and Argumentation
Simon Buckingham Shum, Tamara Sumner & Diana Laurillard

Scholarly Skywriting and the Prepublication Continuum of Scientific Inquiry
Stevan Harnad

CD-ROM: Roadfill for, or permanent landmarks along the Infobahn?
Jaap Jasperse

Cyber-Property: Copyright, Citation, and the World Wide Web
Janice R. Walker

Response to Harnack and Kleppinger's "Beyond the MLA Handbook: Documenting Electronic Sources on the Internet"
Janice R. Walker

Network-Based Electronic Publishing of Scholarly Works: A Selective Bibliography
Charles W. Bailey, Jr.

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