Steve Finley (Finley@TTDCE1.COED.TTU.EDU)
Thu, 8 Aug 1996 14:57:43 +0000

Speaking as a virus, I'm wondering--how come the quotes in the phrase
about Tillich being "one of [your] favorite 'Christian'
existentialists"? Just curious. And it also strikes me that your
assertion that "we still reside in an individually/socially
constructed world" is still yet unproven--or maybe not!. Does this mean
that the question of whether there's "anything real out there" has been
settled--that it's all just the constructions of perception? A big question,
since the side you lean toward determines so much else about how you
think and what you do. What a relief to know the question is
settled...(Lord, sarcasm is ugly. I'm sorry.)

Anyway, an interesting metaphor, this lab thing. Do you feel that you
have enough hobbies? (heh heh...)

Back to my infective work now. Happy dish-swimming...

s. finley