Suzanne Cherry (smcherry@UNCCVX.UNCC.EDU)
Tue, 6 Aug 1996 11:42:06 EDT

Steve writes that he's had students expressing homosexuals should be
killed, and the like, from his freshman students. And, if I can summarize
him, he says that we're about teaching scholarship and academic discourse.

Now, I agree. I'm afraid I've gotten myself branded as a zealot, or worse,
especially since I work in North Carolina (Jesse's home state). I'm trying
to teach my students these same things. When I get papers like the ones
Steve mentions, I've got an easier time than some people, because I
can and do say to the writers -- look, even though I agree with some of
can and do say to the writers -- look, even though I agree with some of your
religious beliefs, I don't agree with this. And, I doubt you'll be able to
convince me. Why? What's going to happen to someone when you talk to them
and about them like this? How would you like to be the target of this
kind of thinking? How would you react? Then, I continue with my
response and evaluation. I may add as a postscript or in oral discussions of
the paper, that I don't think Christ would have reacted that way.

Another thing, while I'm thinking aloud here -- isn't relying on the Bible or
God an appeal to a higher authority? The problem that many students have,
though, is that they don't realize their audience often rejects the
higher authority to which they are appealing -- in which case, the
argument fails.

Gotta run and do some grading ---