CFP: Spatial Perspectives on Performance (11/30) (fwd)

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More cool CFPese!

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Date: Fri, 25 Oct 1996 02:45:02 GMT
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Subject: CFP: Spatial Perspectives on Performance (11/30)


a journal publishing the work of emerging scholars
(graduate students and non-tenured faculty),
seeks submissions related to the following topic:

Issue #17: Locating Theatre: Spatial Perspectives on Performance (Fall 1996)

Inspired by postmodern geographer Edward Soja's call for the "reassertion
of a critical spatial perspective in contemporary theory and analysis," as
well as Una Chaudhuri's articulation of geopathology as the
characterization of place as problem, this issue will examine the
intersection of theatre/performance with geography/space.

Possible topics might include: borders and/or boundaries across which
performance occurs; relationships between geography and ideology in
performance; post-colonial, neo-colonial, and anti-colonial theatre;
performance in the space of technology; marginalized theatre; location as
identity; theatre of exile; national productions in international
contexts/international productions in national contexts.

Submissions on unrelated topics will also be considered.


All submissions should utilize the most recent MLA format.

FEATURE ARTICLES should be between 15 and 25 pages. Articles which focus
on theatre and performance are preferred over dramatic criticism.
Considerations of drama as literature should either lean heavily toward an
examination of the work within a specific historical/social context, and/or
include a consideration of the work as performance.

"IN PRODUCTION" ARTICLES are generally 12-20 pages and provide a subjective
account by someone directly involved in an alternative, innovative, or
otherwise noteworthy production or performance process. The best "In
Production" submissions provide a critical/theoretical context for the
production/process examined.

"COLLECTIONS" ARTICLES are 5-10 pages and provide information about
particular archival or library holdings.

FEATURED INTERVIEWS should be 15-30 pages. The subject(s) of the interview
should be prominent in the field and a brief introduction is usually needed
to contextualize the figure and her/his work.

BOOK and PERFORMANCE REVIEWS are 3-8 pages and should briefly provide
description but focus mainly on analysis and criticism, providing an
assessment of the work within the context of the field.

Send an abstract or manuscript by E-mail or U.S. mail.
Publication decisions will be based on full manuscripts
(individual manuscript deadline is November 30, 1996).

Department of Theatre and Dance
The University of Texas at Austin
Austin, TX 78712-1168