Carolyn Dean (jcdean@GETONTHE.NET)
Sun, 20 Oct 1996 17:21:44 -0600

As long as I keep seeing this, and as long as it keeps bothering me, and
even though I hate to advertise my ignorance, and even though I realize
that I may have been 'out of the loop' way too long, I _must_ ask:
Why do so many people on this list use it's where we were taught to use its?

Is this part of pomo theory? I s this an attempt at radical de-construction?
Is this still considered incorrect in student papers, or are you not
marking errors on student papers these days? If you don't grade student
papers, do you not discuss grammatical or spelling errors? If you no longer
consider this an error, what sorts of things do you consider errors?

And finally, am I _that_ old? Have I turned into Miss Grundy?