The Rhetorical Dimensions of Cyberspace is the second "book-length" text published by RhetNet.* "Book length" is in quotes because even though it's a handy measuring stick for quantity of prose, this is not a web/book. The Rhetorical Dimensions of CyberspaceQuite aside from the absence of trees sacrificed for our literary purposes, this collection of texts is intended and designed to serve as occasion for conversations suggested by the ideas presented. Input forms are sprinkled liberally throughout, offering something print books tend not to: endless margins. Ideally, the marginal notations contributed by readers/writers and original authors should eventually grow vaster than the initially published texts. We hope it becomes difficult to tell what was text and what was margin.

The writers who have contributed texts to this collection serve as our intellectual catalysts. They have provided the context, some provocative possibilities, the simmering stock that we can, together, build into a stew. So please read the RDC texts, but don't be satisfied with reading only.


We look forward to the process that these writers and these texts begin.

--Eric Crump
RhetNet Editor and Chief Instigator
November, 1996

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* The first, published in May 1996, was Conversations: Computer-Mediated Dialogue, Multilogue, & Learning, by Beth Baldwin.