The New Alchemy and the Discourse of National Consensus

Mark Mullen
University of California, Irvine

School: Deepening coupling of high-tech capital needs and public education at all levels, differentiated by race, class, and gender; managerial classes involved in educational reform and refunding at the cost of remaining progressive educational and democratic structures for children and teachers; education for mass ignorance and repression in technocratic and militarized culture; growing anti-science mystery cults in dissenting and radical political movements; continued relative scientific illiteracy among white women and people of colour; growing industrial direction of education (especially higher education) by science-based multinationals (particularly in electronics- and biotechnology-dependent companies); highly educated, numerous elites in a progressively bimodal society.
Donna Haraway, "A Cyborg Manifesto."

Lo, which avantage it is to multiplie!

That slidynge science hath me maad so bare

That I have no good, wher that evere I fare;

And yet I am endetted so therby

Of gold that I have borwed, trewely,

That whil I lyve I shal it quite nevere.

Lat every man be war by me for evere!

What maner man that casteth hym thereto,

If he continue, I hold his thrift ydo.

For so helpe me God, therby shal he nat wynne,

But empty his purs and make his wittes thynne.

Geoffrey Chaucer, "The Canon's Yeoman's Tale," (VIII, 731-741).

Revolutions and Revaluations