Multi-User Domains, Electronic Newspapers, and the Development of new Modes of Expression and New Communities

Brad Mehlenbacher
Elizabeth Shamblin
North Carolina State University

"... it could be argued that our linguistic, social, and institutional habit--the world as we know it--models this model world" (Unsworth, 1993).


This chapter introduces two environments that we are building to facilitate online information- exchange and collaboration: a HyperText-Markup-Language (HTML)-based web-site for a city newspaper and a Multi-User Domain (MUD) for professional communicators, researchers, teachers, and students. Importantly, both environments and their affects on user participation and engagement are placed within a larger framework of rhetorical theory for we strongly believe, as Heim (1993) has asserted, that "Cyberspace is Platonism as a working product" (99).

The Rhetorical Dimensions of Cyberspace
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