Re: cooperative opposites

janet cross (hceng028@DEWEY.CSUN.EDU)
Wed, 31 Jul 1996 14:17:07 -0700

On Wed, 31 Jul 1996, Barry Maid wrote:

> Janet--
> I think I find myself agreeing with you. One of the reasons I am fascinated
> by MOOs are that they lead to a collaborative narrative thread. However, I
> really do think that there are times when we need to take turns. That's hard
> to do in MOO. There are times when folks really need to write a paragraph or
> two rather than just one line quickies. With twenty or more folks in the
> that becomes most difficult.

We don't disagree on this. Here comes the yeah but. Most of the time I spend
inMOO is not in cafe situations. I might be coding or otherwise developing
stuff. I might be socializing. I might be reading MOOmail and MOOlists (much
like the list here.) At the same time, I am writing in another window. All
those things going on inMOO act upon my writing in some way. Perhaps an email
or MOOmail raises a question, posing a different POV that I can explore. I
was serious when I said I want to ponder mediation. In MOO we could throw
that term around, bonk each other over the head with it and so on. Play with
it. But when I leave the MOO, take a shower cause it's hottern hell here, I
still hear those voices, and some strange new arrangement usually comes of
it. So I thinks and thinks and go back and MOO it. This might be a post to a
list, a note, or following up one-on-one with someone inMOO.

I would like to see *more* follow ups. It might be interesting if after a
specially rousing cafe session, we re-group, gather our thoughts, post to a
list, this or a MOO list, then meet again and discuss We certainly *could*
have a slide show of responses. It's not hard for anyone to make a slide. We
have done this before.

As an aside (or perhaps central) ...the objection to the short one liners
does keep coming up over and over. And I am not saying you are objecting to
one liners...oh ye of witty rejoinder. But it *is* something that needs to be
explored. Howz bout anyone interested MOO this puppy. We could pick a topic,
any topic, do a cafe...write some kinda response...then put em all on a slide
projector. Crank them pups out in succession, then note what we see occuring.
A kind of "exquisate corpse" of MOO if you will. I'm thinking that the MOO
cafe can drown out quieter more reflective folks. Those who are not as quick
to follow through with a pun.


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