Re: Shop Talk

Michael Day (mday@SILVER.SDSMT.EDU)
Mon, 22 Jul 1996 12:59:52 -0600

How valuable are my Email conversations? Crucial. As I've written
elsewhere, there's a natural heuristic process implicit in the
way we use these environments to try out new ideas without feeling
threatened when they come out rather free-formed and tentative. It's
such a valuable sounding board that sometimes I feel that I can't
do without it. Like Eric, I think CMC is my freewriting. Sometimes
it leads no further than this big cyberparlor, and sometimes it winds
up refined and polished in the museum cases of printed publications.
I like both, and I like using small group email, listserv email, and
MOO to churn out and reflect on new ideas.


Michael J. Day
South Dakota School of Mines and Technology