Re: Invention

Tricia Christensen (christen@SONOMA.EDU)
Wed, 3 Jul 1996 11:34:14 -0800

I invent normally by starting to write things in my head. When I'm not
distracted usually I can come up with a heck of a good first couple
pages.. that then get translated onto paper eventually. I guess I'm a
somewhat linear thinker because I like to start at the beginning of
things rather than in the middle. Once I get down a good introductory
paragraph the rest seems to come so smoothly.

When I'm writing research work, I have a tendency to collect all my
sources, write down every quotation I think might be pertinent and then
take a week or so to let all the stuff I've read sort of rattle around in
my brain. Sometimes this process doesn't even seem conscious. I'll wake
up from a good night's sleep and an IDEA! will have presented itself with
how to collect this stuff in a cohesive whole.

I'd have to say I've never found much success with prewriting techniques
that involve actual, physical writing. I have a tendency to keep it all
in my
head until it's ready to come out in somewhat of an organized fashion.

Tricia C.