Process Webliography

Rhetoric and composition scholars and creative writers have long paid special attention to the the processes of invention and composition. What we would like to do is develop a web-based annotated bibliography of sources that pertain in some way to that important scholarly concern. Whether there are any annotated bibliographies specifically on that particular aspect of the discipline, we aren't sure (but if there are, they would sure warrant an entry here!), but whether or not, we're interested in starting one here.

Source Indices

This project is not a duplication of print efforts. It's a different kind of bibliography project, a collaborative, communally constructed, perpetually developing and shifting and evolving effort to lay down bread crumbs, so to speak, along the paths of c onversation about this special topic. Not just crumbs strewn back along the paths of past scholarship, but along the paths we're creating as we go.

These web pages are intended to facilitate that process. We invite anyone who has read texts that pertain (web pages, books, articles, chat transcripts, essays, etc.) to list the source here and provide a brief overview. We invite multiple comments upon a ny particular source. We invite discussion about interpretations of these sources. And we invite suggestions about how to continue developing the web site as a tool for supporting those activities.

And we'd like everyone to keep in mind the companion piece to this project, the accumulating collection of stories about writing processes, Process Stew. Ideally, stories and research should complement each other, talk to each other. They are, after all, only different ways of getting at the same questions.