Re: What are *your* religious beliefs?

Steve Finley (Finley@TTDCE1.COED.TTU.EDU)
Tue, 15 Oct 1996 14:59:46 +0000

>From Victor (sophist):

"__Should we feel guilty because we are the scribal (scribble) class, the
literate ones, while the down-trodden are illiterate?"

I believe this is the kind of thing someone referred to in a previous
post (-hole digger, toasties, deep food for thought) as the
self-consciously banal puns and/or word strings (onion rings) that
seem to make the pomo's life/existence/being worth

Thank goodness (godness, goddessness, godliness) someone put Maddox
(Mad-x) in his place. And so skillfully, too. And not with just one good
sentence, but with an endless string of them.

Remember, extremism or extreme goofiness (Goofy, Mickey, da-HYIL) in
defense of the right is never a sin.