vjv: an interesting subject heading in response to TRue

Thu, 10 Oct 1996 15:33:08 -0500

Tony, for the past few days, I have been thinking pretty much the same as
you recap here. ... "Something is in the air these days," etc.

But there has always been something in the air of our field (broadly
defined) that 'says' human beings feel very uncomfortable about
language (logos) in general.

Read any of the Greek tragedies lately?

(here's a juxta-position):

Last night I really had a weird dream, which I did not understand at all.
I mean it was so poorly written and "cute" and pun-ishable, etc. that I
really got angry. I said to my "unconscious"

""""you are such a bad writer, such an elite-ist. And we spend so much
time trying to revise what you say so that we can de"figure" out what you
are saying and learn to "live" with what you say, and we just get in more
and more trouble if we use the standard babblers like Freud and Lacan to
explain what "you" are saying to us. And then these people like Freud and
Lacan only cause so many other people to start writing poorly, etc. and it
grows like geometry. And don't forget what happen to Euclidean geometry
when a couple people started trying to make more elegant and clear the
last two propositions! I mean they kept rewriting those last two sentences
over and and over again and . . . We got elliptical and hyperbolic
geometries and now we can't even tell what a right angle is!! anymore.
ERGO, if you ... you UNconscious of a writer could just learn to write and
stop writing and instead start riting, we who live out here in the
ever-so-so-conscious world, ... we might write more effectively, clearly,
coherently, and elegantly."""""

"some more" later,

On Thu, 10 Oct 1996, anthony rue wrote:

> I wonder if the hubbub about the Space & Culture isn't just so much
> displacement spilling over from other areas of our lives. Something is in
> the air these days; people are getting rather edgy about questions of
> pedagogy/theory/practice. I'd guess that anyone who identifies with a
> difficult theoretical approach knowingly assumes an oppositional stance.
> I'm just surprised by the fervor of the opposition to such a stance.


> anthony rue, still waiting on the (circus) parade.
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