RhetNet Philosophy:

There are numerous places to talk on the Internet, and scholars in all fields are there (and there and there and there) pouring forth rivers of words. Amid the inevitable and voluptuous mundanity of those conversations reside moments of discovery, the fiery and spontaneous generation of knowledge, and even wisdom.

These conversations, or parts of them, are worth saving and savoring. If we look at all of literature, including scholarly publication, as being one long, vast, intricate and diverse conversation, then the discussion online can be seen as part of the same discourse. The conversation is migrating to a new media, but the means of (attempting to) provide coherence are still developing.

RhetNet is an effort to adapt the functions of academic print journals to the new environment. Journals simultaneously serve as the medium of conversation and the repository for knowledge. RhetNet serves those purposes, but takes the shape of its native environment: cyberspace.