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I think what Beth says here is precisely the case. The less
defensive or nervous or hesitant 'authors' of electronic discourse act in
talking about or showing their work, the more acceptable it will have
become to publish 'here.' It's a matter of *revaluing* what has counted for
'scholarship' and what should also count now and tomorrow. And such a
revaluing can only begin with those who practice well what is in question
by others. For me, what is done 'here' is practiced exceptionally well.
So for the most part, 'we' are half way home. Victor

On Thu, 27 Jun 1996, Beth W. Baldwin, PhD wrote:

> I think that if we want our work in electronic publication to be taken
> seriously by search committees and in tenure decisions, the most
> significant contribution we can make lies in the simple act of including
> electronic publications in the list of publications you include on your
> vita. Don't have a category for "traditional publications" and one for
> "electronic publications," and don't chicken out altogether and leave off
> the electronic publications.
> I'm willing to bet that many of us *do* include our electronic
> publications, given the nature of this list. But I often sit in on
> conversations with colleagues in which they constantly question whether or
> not e-publications should be included. How the inclusion of those
> publications will be interpreted by various committees.
> I say that if you regard your work seriously, that demonstrate that by
> including it on your CV, thus implying that others should take it
> seriously as well.
> The more these works appear on CVs that cross committee desks, the more
> inclined they will be to take them seriously. (This last sentence is just
> my theory, of course).
> Beth
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