the status of talking about electronic journals

Tue, 25 Jun 1996 16:01:31 -0500

Greg, I did not read Steve's question as an either/or one. In that light
(or darkness) it would not have made any sense to me. There may be
subtexts here that I am not getting, but there seems to be a certain, on
occasion, nervousness (or whatever) about discussing the various ways of
communicating what we do as a discipline (or post-discipline or whatever)
in terms of E-Journals. The nervousness (or whatever) suggests a
defensiveness that I think can only come to haunt those working in
computers and writing. I remember when there was this terrible
defensiveness about being a writing teacher (and of course for good
reason, or so we thought...not to downplay at all the fact that a
significant number of people did not get tenured and had to move on to
make a name for themselves and their profession elsewhere). Is this kind of
defesiveness being recapitulated here?

I mean this as an honest question. As I say, I am reading this in a medium
that lends itself to all kinds of misunderstandings. This monitor of mine
is one hell of a large enthymeme to have to fill in the missing parts!

This question is not just directed to Greg, BTW.

Please, I understand all the institutional difficulties. I did not fall
off the turnip truck yesterday. .)>= If my question is based on an
aberrant reading, then, please just disregard.


On Tue, 25 Jun 1996, Greg Ritter wrote:

> Huh? Stever, you're making it sound like it's a face-off between
> electronic publishing and print publishing, like "There's only
> room enough for ONE medium in this town, pardner."
> The point? There's plenty of room for more than one medium,
> pardner. :)