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Albert Rouzie (rouzie@CCWF.CC.UTEXAS.EDU)
Tue, 25 Jun 1996 09:35:33 -0600

>Finally, I think that Suzanne is right to raise some questions about
>electronic publications compared to paper publications in the field.
>Don't get me wrong-- I think _Kairos_ is doing great things, there's a
>great culture studies on-line journal called _Bad Subjects_, _Post-Modern
>Culture_ on-line is quite good, _RhetNet_ holds a wealth of potential,
>etc. But in our field, I think people still think of _CCC_, _Rhetoric
>Review_, _College English_, _RSQ_, _RTE_, _Pre/Text_, etc. are the
>journals that we turn to as "authoratitive" texts. I think it will be a
>while before electronic texts can really compete with these and others;
>perhaps they will never be able to compete until these texts become
>electronic themselves.
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Part of the reluctance is the impasse of "you first" in terms of acceptance
and submitting articles. Those who accept electronic publications are in a
double bind, willing to publish in them but can't justify it when tenure
committees are apt to discount it. Considering, though, that the oldest
web journals you mention have been around for less than, what? three or
four years, we are making progress. Maybe the notion of competing with
print doesn't get us where we want to go. We keep talking about how
conversational genres like e-mail are different--hypertext too--from print.
Competiton levels those differences when in fact the new media are
valuable precisely because they accomplish new forms of communication.
Acceptance will be gradual, driven perhaps by citation, participation, and
maybe most of all, need for the knowledge produced (and the process of
production) by the new genres.


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