Re: from EduPage...

Mick Doherty (doherm@RPI.EDU)
Sun, 23 Jun 1996 23:22:54 -0400

Fellow RhetNetters, I am [Cdismayed! [C [C [C [C [C [ ... OUTRAGED!

Let's just show'em, I say, show'em what peer review on the Internet
can and will and should mean. Yeah, gather the troops. This sounds
like a line-item veto on a vitae! (Heh, I like that image.)

One day in the future of academia, when scientists worldwide are
using the alpha-release "RhetNet Peer Review" methodology, by gawd,
we'll look back at this little snippet of shallowness and laugh and
laugh ...

It's easy to dismiss an "electronic challenge" when you don't respect
(or "get") electronic communication (or both). Geez, Eric ole
cyberchief, you got my blood boiling here.

[D [D [D [D [D [D [D [D [D [D [D [D [D [D [D [D [D [D [D [D [D [D [DI think
this is an ideal topic to discuss in this forum ... and then
maybe, just maybe, send off an edited version to some snooty print
publication like CHE. Oh, wait, that's not a peer-reviewed publication,
it must not be any good ...


peace and warm thoughts from new york,
mick doherty
on the crumpean path ...