Re: Re[2]: More snapshots stuff

Kenneth Robert Wright (kright@OREGON.UOREGON.EDU)
Thu, 18 Jan 1996 21:44:18 -0800

I'm not so sure that Pubic Education, meaning the secondary
schools, I presume, is responsible for any or all the students' fear.
Colleges test entering students' writing to determine what first year comp
classes they need to take, and these tests look for weaknesses in their
writing. Comp is usually a class that all undergraduates must take and
pass, and that implies that colleges feel no one writes well. And the
public perception, so often related through the various media, is that
this generation's John and Joan do not write as well as the previous
generations'. So I think students feel that writing is very, very hard,
that it is different from anything else they do in their lives, and that
only a few special people can ever learn to do it adequately much less
well. Maybe, then, the fear is in part cause by us.

Ken Wright

On Thu, 18 Jan 1996, Michael Hamende wrote:

> They're afraid, all right. What have we done to these
> kids to make them that way? I assume that their fears reflect their
> experience with American education.
> --Bill Murdick
> Indeed, one of the major "strengths" of our American Public Education
> system. If we can ever get away from the factory model of education
> and the concept that the "boss" has the truth and determines right and
> wrong, we would all be much better off.
> Mike Hamende