A RhetNet SnapShot Reply:


Eugene Ortiz

The way I've always approached teaching, whether in Aikido, Fycomp, or as an editor, is as a senior student. I'm learning the same thing my students are learning, but I'm farther along in the process than they are. Consequently, while their opinions matter, they must recognize my experience.

In Aikido, I was a first degree black belt -- an advanced student introducing beginners to the art I was studying. As a newsletter editor, I introduced authors to the needs of my publication. As a Fycomp instructor, I'm a graduate student introducing students to writing as a process of understanding and expanding the knowledge base of our worlds. I expect to continue indefinitely teaching and learning in this same manner. Fred's right. Technique isn't following rules so much as it is practicing the rules.

As for grades, Eric, you're right; they don't measure progress so much as appease an addiction to closure.


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