That even more ghastly box

Jeff Davis
Sat Nov 8 21:14:17 CST 1997

I applaud your efforts to peck at the fortress's walls, and like Ida I'd, uh, like to know how your work went. I work within the confines of that even more ghastly box--the high school English classroom--and feel (and have felt for years) the falseness of what and how and in what atmosphere I teach. Still, there is hope, I think. I have taken a position at Highland Park High School in Dallas this year--a place with people of some vision (They are working already on creating a "Virtual District" by linking students with three other districts around Texas). Still, there is much to be done. For starters, I need basic training on The Net (MOO, HTML, etc.). Thus, I would aprpeciate any ideas or information from you (Fred) or anyone else (Jake and Patrick?) about how I might begin reconfiguring the walls of this fortress--the high school English classroom.


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