How Did It Work?

Ida Rodgers
Sun Oct 26 21:17:05 CST 1997

Fred: My graduate research led me, among other places, to your article. I am interested in how your on-line class worked. Were you pleased? Did the students think that they got their money's worth? Around Northern Arizona University, we see a lot of resistance to on-line classes for two reasons: connecting difficulties, and the perception that the dialogue is more superficial than f2f. At a computers & teaching conference here over the summer, two teachers who taught on-line classes seemed generally pleased with the results, but noted that teaching on-line took more time (not less) than a f2f classroom, and that they felt on-call 24 hours a day -- a feeling that, in turn, made them feel that they had no other life. I would enjoy your response to these cons of an online class in light of your experience. Thanks.


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