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Jake Shewmake&Patrick Vrooman
Sat Feb 15 20:20:15 CST 1997

Fred, We must say that we are very excited about the work you are doing. We are here with buckets ready to put out any flames if necessary, please let us know. Jake will be teaching a virtual English 101 clas at Utah State University Spring quarter for the first time. He will be doing this with the assistance of an acquaintance of yours by the name of John Curry who has just completed his thesis on gaining authority in the online classroom. We will be anxiously following your progress. Patrick Vrooman and Jake Shewmake are graduate instrucors and students at USU, and are currently working on a collaborative thesis which has to do with collaborative hypertext documents as dialogic rhetoric (in other words an obvious way to take writing and the teaching of writing outside of the box). We will see if we can elaborate further on your alternative response page. Thank you for your insight and the opportunity to carry on this conversation.


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