Re: unusual language [postmodernism]

Nick Carbone (nickc@MARLBORO.EDU)
Thu, 10 Oct 1996 08:07:02 -0400

anne elk,
Well yeah, over the long term, sure what's primary will change for
each person and their own reading and what becomes important to them. But
the fact remains certain texts, and these will vary from department to
department, though not all that greatly I suspect, do act as buoys and
teachers who assign them serve either as lighthouse keepers or coast guard
or combinations thereof, and all of that has to be negotiated before
putting to sea and any where the mariner puts into, unless it's a
relatively deserted cove, but any major port, requires one to be accepted
by the deportment in question, which usually means either matching what
they're looking for and knowing which texts to cite, which become primary.
Also, you don't have to look too far to see a variety of people citing the
same theorists in any given field or branch of a field.

We may not agree a 100 percent on what is primary at any given time, but
we do by consensus, if not in name, *act* as if certain texts are primary.

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