Re: Space & Culture cfp sparks jargon debate (fwd)

Nick Carbone (nickc@ENGLISH.UMASS.EDU)
Wed, 9 Oct 1996 13:04:54 -0400


Forwarded message:
> From: "Roderick, Ian" <>
> Subject: Re: Space & Culture cfp sparks jargon debate
> To: Nick Carbone <>
> Dear Nick,
> Thank you for bringing my attention to the current discussion on your list.
> > I hope this invitation doesn't catch you at bad or too busy time.
> The
> > list would benefit from your input and on the members' behalf I thank you
> in
> > advance for your consideration.
> This is indeed a busy time (academic job hunting, impending parenthood, etc)
> but I will try to respond in some intelligent and intelligible way to the
> discussion we have touched off. I have forwarded your invitation to Rob
> Shields and Joost van Loon and I will wait to respond until I have heard
> from them. I do know that they are both very busy with personal and
> professional commitments and may be unable to participate.
> Ian