Re: unusual language

Steve Finley (Finley@TTDCE1.COED.TTU.EDU)
Wed, 9 Oct 1996 08:43:00 +0000

Alright, since I've embarrassed myself enough on this list, and since
my chickensh--oops, I mean, cowardly--office mate absolutely will NOT
do this, preferring instead to die without knowing:

What in the world is "pomo" theory?

Please be gentle, and remember that I've been out of the grad
school/research loop for awhile. We can't just know these things
from thin air. I'm only a MAN, Jim, not a GOD, no matter how it
seems. And remember that, when I was IN the loop, I could tell you
about all sorts of obscure stuff that never made anybody's life one
whit better. So now I gotta know this one more thing that will help
me be even MORE boring.

Thank you and goodnight.