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Luke......I am your father.

If I insult someone on the Web, why should they take offense? I only virtually insulted them...

I may have missed something (probably), but why are so many RhetNet discussions so OLD? This is Jan. '97, and although I'm very interested in the various topics, I can't seem to find anything less than 6-8 mo. old. Downsizing?

We never downsize! Only expand! I guess maybe you're not finding stuff. Have you checked Snapshots?? The latest one was added in November. Have you checked Net/Texts? Added stuff there all fall. Latest was November, I think, but I have a December snapshot and net/text that I just haven't had time to add. --Eric (the production staff)

Kentucky--teachers of High School English, K.E.R.A. portfolios, KIRIS testing, a sharp stick in the eye. jdh

cant gets no satisfaction

oh well, satisfaction is a trap anyways

Nothing new since November 96 on RhetNet??

Nothing new since 11 Feb 97. OK, I just added the link. Sorry.

silence is best

death to all English teacher organizations

From an actual (not virtual) student's vocabulary quiz, where he was supposed to use the verb "fester": "After John cut his hand, his womb began to fester." (The instructor wrote, "I must meet John.")

silence is consent

A little discipline-specific knowledge is a good thing. A lot of discipline-specific knowledge lands you in another department.

There are three things a boy loses on his way to manhood: 1. He forgets how to fly. 2. He forgets he ever knew how to fly. 3. Eventually, he loses his wonder for the magic in our everyday world. My heart still soars with the eagles.

There are three things a boy loses on his way to manhood: 1. He forgets how to fly. 2. He forgets he ever knew how to fly. 3. Eventually, he loses his wonder for the magic in our everyday world. My heart still soars with the eagles. To check out more go to:

I would like visitors to my site! Please look at Warning: not all links are active--this site was just an experiment. I would enjoy all email!!

Please forward to Composition Departments around the state or nation, interested adjuncts, and other interested parties. ====================================================================== POSITION ANNOUNCEMENT Position: Instructor of Developmental Composition Application Deadline: May 2, 1997 Responsibilities: o Teach 45 credit hours of pre-college and college-level composition courses annually. Depending on demand for other instruction, this person may also be asked to teach courses in study skills and tutor students in a Writing Center setting. o Consult with department chair and dean in creating and promoting curriculum. o Work with other faculty in program management, including preparation of class offerings and schedules; management of limited budgets, supplies, and equipment; management of a small learning center facility; and program promotion. o Perform defined campus-wide duties, including holding office hours, functioning as an adviser to developmental students, attendance at department & division meetings, and service on committees. Minimum Qualifications: o A minimum of an M.S. or M.A. Doctoral degree preferred. In order of preference, these degrees could include — o a doctoral or master's degree in rhetoric and composition. o a doctoral or master's degree in English, with a strong coursework emphasis in writing pedagogy. o a combination of doctoral, master's, or bachelor's degree in rhetoric, composition, or English, _and_ another degree in developmental studies, adult education, or education. o Demonstrated ability of successfully teaching pre-college and college composition courses. (Finalists will be required to demonstrate competence in a "teaching module.") o Demonstrated commitment to developmental education in the community college setting. o Expertise in writing curriculum. o Competence in evaluating prose writing. (Finalists will be required to demonstrate competence by evaluating representative student papers.) o Ability to communicate clearly with students, staff, and colleagues, both orally and in writing. o Preference for computer related applications to writing and developmental education. o Preference for experience in tutorial teaching and conferencing. Terms of Contract: Tenure track position. Instructor or Assistant Professor, dependent upon qualifications and experience. Position begins September 1, 1997. Salary: Dixie College faculty salary schedule, dependent upon qualifications and experience. Excellent benefit package included. Application Procedures: All documents included in your application file become the property of the college. A new Dixie College application must be submitted for each opening. The completed Dixie College application form and all supporting documents must be received by 5 p.m. on the closing date, May 2, 1997. If, because of a disability, you need special services or facilities in order to apply for this opening, please call Human Resources ([801] 652-7521). Submit a Dixie College application, resume, and three letters of recommendation to: Office of Human Resources Dixie College 225 South 700 East St. George, UT 84770 FAX: (801) 673-8552 About Dixie College: Dixie College is a state supported, two-year community college with an enrollment of over5000 students. Dixie College accepts as its mission the responsibility to provide a viable educational program and related support services addressing a broad spectrum of student and community needs. This mission will be achieved by pursuit of excellence in all aspects of the learning experience and is designed to assist students in their preparation for life and also to serve community needs appropriate to capabilities of the college. All functions of the college are focused in four major roles: Academic Services, Administrative Services, Student Services, and Community Services. Most students quickly discover that Dixie's academic programs are both challenging and rewarding. St. George, home of Dixie College, is located 300 miles south of Salt Lake City and 110 miles northeast of Las Vegas. With a population of 45,000, St. George is a tourist Mecca because of its proximity to such scenic wonders as Zion, Bryce, and Grand Canyon National Parks, Cedar Breaks National Monument, and Lakes Mead and Powell.

Suspicion breeds confidence.

why can't we all call in sick like Augustine did to Milan and go out to the country and discuss plato and cicero till God speaks to us audibly?

May your life be as long and useful as a roll of toilet paper


doublr o six

I am the idiot you are the screw up and we are all Losers!!

place for me a red naught (zero) in the bottom right hand space, tic tac toe realises a fundamental, oppositional urge of competition common to all humanity

I take it I'm no invited to play this game

Extract, Ouromagafiles/ behind the Pleiaides; " Yes; I crawled in about an hour ago; pavement was vibrating. And my openedupskull recieved some really Hot stuff out of the Cloud. So; this is the Transitionplace; rather cool; And the limo is ready;; SO; Go for the Mountains.. ( extract from the Ouromagafiles no 1

Cont; Ouromagafiles; / Instant Prose;/ Yes; and in my mind; some very blue files; U know the stuff ?? Well, as I glanced thru the Eclipse; there; The exhilirating blue Planet.I began scanning the channels, the images, the silence; the Cloud;and it was an earthquake; A powerful volcano; words oozing out of the Big Tube; ajnatissue, Migplanes over Atlantis. Condition High Alert. Picking up Ur laserguns; preparing the shields. Yes;and " Everything is Fixtion/////

And as the luntaci monk whispered to the Pontiff, " Sire! Ur blood ha turned lavender." The church rolled.Yes; and strange dotted images appearing on the Networks, faces,lips,artforms unknown; Yes; Ive been working beyond the Veil, just now sticking out my nose and ears and mouth for some guidance on The return... Listen for eigth oclock news. Can u see me???( extract no 3; Ouromagafiles;/

And master spits in ur palms; Virgins, cats, holy herbs,and everything is in ur Mind. / Use it and scribble away.!!!!!!/ P.B: norhern part of Sweden/

oozing out the channels, I crawled out my openedupskull; faces,lips,artforms, strange. dotted. images. Listen for ate oclock news. Lips, oozing. A powerful volcano. Feed the meter, please.

' ransor ' derect ruct

TicTacToe TicTacToe TicTacToeTicTacToe TicTacToe TicTacToe TicTacToe TicTacToe TicTacToe TicTacToe TicTacToe TicTacToe TicTacToeTicTacToe TicTacToe TicTacToe TicTacToe TicTacToe TicTacToe TicTacToe TicTacToe TicTacToe TicTacToeTicTacToe TicTacToe TicTacToe TicTacToe TicTacToe TicTacToe TicTacToe TicTacToe TicTacToe TicTacToeTicTacToe TicTacToe TicTacToe TicTacToe TicTacToe TicTacToe TicTacToe TicTacToe TicTacToe TicTacToeTicTacToe TicTacToe TicTacToe TicTacToe TicTacToe TicTacToe TicTacToe

the world needs less

Frankly, the last two or three contributions to the wall just show that RhetNet contributors are not immune to tabloid mind-mush syndrome.

What is most apalling in writing today, and most especially on the internet, is a lack of the dual concern for audience and the integrity of the message. We either say what we like with no concern for what it may mean to others or say what others want to hear without communicating anything of substance. Writing which fails to effectively communicate something important may be valuable in some other way, but it has no value as writing.

who ever said rhetnet contributors were immune to tabloid mind-mush syndrome? why ya think we *got* a graffiti board, anyways?

Writing which fails to effectively communicate something fails to effectively communicate something. It may, however, succeed in effectively excommunicating something. Or it may succeed in effectively communicating nothing. Success and failure are chess pieces, moved about the grid of the text by vying players.

There is more to life than italic, plain, and bold.

Yes. thERe Is fUn

Yes. thERe Is fUnstuff

all roads lead to rome

Disorder is not revelation.

some good literature comes from people with nothing left to say

. . . but from disorder revelation may emerge (it sure don't spring up in neat rows!)

Hey. Chillress.

I am afraid to say that as I look out upon my fresh batch of 25 preps, frats and muffies, that their palpable suspicion of me as a left wing, untenured radical is justified, since the system as it has evolvedis working quite well: there are no poor, few students of color, no one older than 19 - I then am the only fly in the ointment.


Greetings Earthlings ... all creatures great and small.

I can't open Reinventions. Is it me? Is it you? If it's broken, please let me know when you fix it.

Life sucks.

It's Banned Books week!

ack! banned books -->

@---->---in love!

teacher wanted me to be but now I'm preachin' to the sky theory, delirious delicate minds, mending bending for that tenure tracked line, don't know man what to write anymore, I'm just a student swimming through this bore, theory knocks me out just the whisper of the word, they tell us we have voices, we gotta be heard


A rhetorical question: How does one sink a submarine full of Lit majors?

If I told you that you have a beautiful body, would you hold it against me?

CORRECTED VERSION: "What is most apalling about writing today, and most especially on the internet, is a dual lack of concern for the audience and the integrity of the message. We say what we like with no concern for what it may mean to others, or alternatively say what others want to hear, without communicating anything of substance. Writing which fails effectively to communicate something important may be valuable in some other way, but it has no value as writing". BUT IT STILL MAKES NO SENSE...

Graffiti is bad.

No. Grafitti is bery bery good. Here. Try some. with ketchup.

I should like to add something about the dialogue concerning graffiti: it does "say" something, especially to those who understand the deep structure meaning in the first place. And it is significant because it speaks to a specific audience of those who know. Graffiti is merely another kind of "literature." It's a code, you see, for those who already understand the "language" enough to decode the meaning.

Come now, let us burn books.

RhetNet... Interesting. Paula Terranova showed me this. We've been friends for a few years now, maybe three. I hope she's doing well. I see that I've rubbed off on her well (educationally). It's about time she gets serious about her work. You'd never guess :)

PUNCTUATED VERSION: "What. is. most. apalling; about writing<-- today, and,, most(!) especially!! on,; the? internet!?,*, is a~ dual& lack. of... concern- for# the. audience. and. the !integrity! of? the. message(.) We-- say; what+ we=like, with no con(cern) f/or (w)h/a\t --it-- /may/ *mean* ,to ...others, or alt(!!)ernative-----ly ...;say ;;;what. others //want )to hear, without. com(mmmm)municating(k) ;any"thing" o\f *s*ub/stance. ()Writing. w"h"ich fails(S) ef/F/fectively? to^ com_municate something im--portant /portant/ may. be. valuable. in. some. other. way., but. it. has. no. value. as. writing""""". IT STILL MAKES NO SENSE (but now it has an excuse).

I hear the beat of Amelia Earhart

Thought you'd never ask...

Eat me. I'm delicious. I'm the Neon-Glow, I'm the Hyper-Snow Mobile. I'm the Dexter-Webster-Hipster. I'm the cool in your cat. I'm the chocolate in your shake, I'm the twist in your lemon. I'm the wordless moron. Hip. Hip. Exquisitly chic. Ungh. More? Go to SeptiC! Why? Because I want to know what's going on between Him and Shit. Simple. Delirious, and definately not complete...

Given the choice between spending eternity with Foghorn Leghorn and Jacques Derrida, I'd have to pick the rooster. "Can one be a saint without God? That is the question, in fact the only question, that I am up against today."

hey guys

Merry Christmas to all you punks out there. Remember this is my old time of the year

Mark Rypien saved Christmas in 1993. The End.

Here are the members of the 1991 Skins:

#2 Kelly Goodburn

# 8 Chip Lohmiller #10 Jeff Rutledge #11 Hollywood Mark Rypien #12 Cary Conklin #16 Stan Humphries #20 Alvoid Mays

#21 Earnest Byner #22 John Settle #26 Danny Copeland #27 Brad Edwards #28 Darrell Green

#31 Terry Hoage #32 Ricky Ervins #35 Martin Mayhew #37 Gerald Riggs #40 Alvin Walton

#45 Sidney Johnson #47 A.J. Johnson #50 Ravin Caldwell

#53 Jeff Bostic #54 Kurt Gouveia #55 Andre Collins #57 Matt Millen #58 Wilber Marshall

#60 Freddy Stokes #61 Mark Adickes #62 Ralph Tamm #63 Raleigh McKenzie #64 Mo Elewonibi #66 Joe Jacoby #67 Ray Brown #68 Russ Grimm #69 Mark Schlereth

#71 Charles Mann #74 Marcus Koch #75 Eric Williams #76 Ed Simmons #78 Tim Johnson #79 Jim Lachey

#80 Joe Howard #81 Art Monk #82 John Brandes #83 Ricky Sanders #84 Gary Clark #85 Don Warren #86 Stephen Hobbs #87 Ron Middleton #88 James Jenkins #89 Terry Orr #94 Bobby Wilson #97 Jumpy Geathers #99 Jason Buck

Head Coach Joe Gibbs and Owner Jack Kent Cooke

I really wish that my computer felt more comfortable printing things out from this site, for whatever reason, it seems to have some powerful inhibitions. Ah well, that is what pen and paper are for. .. right?

"I do like green eggs and ham. . ."

"Everyone's got something to hide except me and my monkey" -the beatles, 1968

how do you spell "numskull'?

i'm concerned about this particular page

i' am Jesus Freak

i am a Jesus Freak


I think we should all start a pr campaign to promote change. sing along with me now, "change is easy/ change is fun/ change is cool/ let it run!

Hello The year 1998 is here. The note is best wishes if you find this message on your net.

A submarine full of lit. majors is already sunk. The question is, what were they doing there in the first place?

There are two rules in life:
1) Never reveal all your secrets

you are all my little bitches so check yo self befo you wreck yo self

to be interesting, be interested.

I was not born: I was created!

"Oh, bother!" said Winnie the Pooh to his friend Piglet. "I think I shall never understand what this is all about."

This page has no significant bearing or relation to the true meaning of rhetoric. Learn about it at UC Berkeley and be enlightened

Bill Stickers will be prosecuted.(Notice posted on a Wall) Underneath: Bill Stickers is innnocent.

...and as the clouds pissed acid rain, I was hit by the watery realization that two winks are just a blink


OK. From Dan Quayle: "It's a question of whether to go forward into the future, or back to the past."

George Michael was here!


There is nothing right about left, Nothing left to write.

words . . . words . . . words . . . words

The Nebraska Cornhuskers could very well be the best college Football team of all time!!!!




Are we having fun?

Silence may be consent. However, one should not confuse silence, that is to say, the absence of any comment, the refraining from comment in the face of a clearly rhetorical situation, with the silence which is obviously a rhetorical move. By remaining silent when a friend/an opponent says something which you do not agree with, you are not necessarily agreeing with him or her. The strategy of a good, careful listener is often a highly rhetorical (even if subtle) strategy--and represents a way of granting OR refusing assent depending on the (politeness) strategy one uses. To look thoughtfully, purse the brows, squint the eyes, these are to acknowledge you have taken in what the interlocutor has said, and do not necessarily signal assent (as often does the continuous bobbing of one's head, the banality of the "uh-huh"). Also chewing gum sucks and makes you look like a cow, said my undergraduate lingustics instructor. Uh-huh. --Randy Magritte

art is sexy

Silence is often a better argument than speech or action. example: I once accused a friend of being a sadist. She hit me. Needless to say, I won the argument. But it hurt.

Is it only Jan 97. Oh I must have been dreaming cause Iran beat the USA in the World Cup and the date was JUNE 98. Go I Iran! (only in my dreams. Or is it?)

"Mother can I trust the Govermnet" Pink Floyd, The Wall June 28, 1998

I love women!!

"Hot patooty, I really love that rock and roll".

Ramsès a cherché la rectitude. Mais est-ce que cela existe vraiment?

Why don't we have some editing / proofing of the official text put on this page? Even the first few minutes of the first flip yields grammar errors this site should not have! (Loke the one right below... a clever new marks have ...

yeah? And why don't people who whine about grammatical mistakes SAY WHAT THEY ARE, fer chrissakes? Else, how are we to learn?

And anyway, who's to say this site ain't supposed to have grammatical mistakes? This site may be a comment against language purity. It may be a gesture toward unfettered conversation. It may be a place where grammatical errors can exist without fear of reprisal. A haven for living language!

"This is our site! Why do all thes