Re: thirsting against the tide

K. Butler-Nalin (Kay.Butler-Nalin@UNI.EDU)
Mon, 9 Sep 1996 11:09:12 -0500

Re: Nick's ideas "they want what they know" In my two upper-level comp
classes, I have portfolios for assessment. Students must write a label
introducing the essay they are submitting and tell me the criteria on which to
grade them. They generate massive concern levels which I just ride out until
they finally feel confident. I don't think they are "getting" criteria for
"successful writing" in their other classes.

Re: Marcy's ideas of "collaboration in the world of work"

At Young Rhetoricians a couple of years ago, Shirley Brice Heath gave data
which suggested that 86% of writing in the "real world" was collaborative (that
is more than a single person contributed to iterations of the text).